Helping Personal Brands Grow With Video

Show your Uniqueness • Begin Building Trust
Your Personal Brand Video will:

  • Authentically share your uniqueness
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Introduce you to prospects 24/7/365

Let’s create your Personal Brand Video at the next Accelerator Event.

We’ve partnered with Brand Builders to bring custom, world-class, personal brand video services to you at the next

Accelerator Event on April 18-19, 2024.

Our team will be in Nashville to film your video (by appointment only) beginning April 17th. 

“Wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Eric Solomon. . . . We are in the middle of him doing some serious work for both my Personal Brand and my Real Estate Company. And YOU GUYS!!!!! I cannot express how good he is. And he nails it the first time!!!

If you need a Speaker Demo Video or Personal Brand Video, YOU NEED TO CALL HIM!!!

~ Barb Betts

Building trust takes time. 

But you’ll never even get the opportunity to build trust if your prospect doesn’t know and like you.

An authentic Personal Brand Video is your digital first impression that will help you: 


  • Introduce who you are
  • Reveal your why
  • Express your passion
  • Show how your unique approach can help solve their problem.


A Personal Brand Video delivers your message …
on your prospects schedule.


One 90-second to 2-minute Personal Brand Video.


Personalized graphics and music to match your brand personality.


Whenever your prospect lands on your website, they’ll get to meet you, not just see and read you.


Personal Brand Videos

Rory Vaden

New York Times best selling author, TEDx speaker with 4.6M views, and 8 figure entrepreneur.

“Eric’s ability to ask the right questions lets your authenticity and uniqueness shine through. I am thrilled to have this video to help me build my personal brand.”

Whitney Lee

Marketing & PR strategy expert, and founder of True Story Public Relations

“Eric found such an authentic way to share who I am and what my agency does – both verbally and visually. I would absolutely recommend friends and colleagues to work with Eric and his team.

I’m in love with the final product!”

Ryan Lang

Founder & Whole Performance Coach Co-Founder EMPIRE Partners

“Eric is one of the most gifted storytellers I have ever met.  Since adding the video to my site, my prospects are noticeably more in tune with who I am and, most importantly, WHY I do what I do, making enrolling ideal clients that much easier.”

Schell Gower

StoryBrand Certified Guide and Brand Strategist

“I’ve worked with videographers before,  and overall, I felt frustrated by the experience. Working with Eric was completely different.  He immediately put me at ease and helped me articulate what I do in a way that organically reflected my personality and expertise. If you want a video that highlights your uniqueness & expertise, I would hire Eric.”

Kareen Zahr Walsh 

Visionary business and people strategist, author, podcaster, investor, and a 7-figure entrepreneur 

“Eric’s ability to translate the essence of who I am, and make it look easy, allowed him to create video assets that I didn’t know I needed until he created them for me.”

Every Personal Brand Video is unique,

because while others may do what you do,

but nobody does it the way you do.

How we’ll create Your Personal Brand Video


We’ll meet on Zoom so I can learn about you, your brand, and what makes you unique in your space.


In Nashville, we’ll film an unscripted interview where I will ask about you, your why, and your passion for what you do.


Approximately 3 to 4 weeks after your interview you’ll receive your Personal Brand Video, but it’s not done until you’re happy.  Once you are, simply share it across your channels, and make your best digital first impression!


Viewers absorb 95% of a video’s content – but only 10% of a message when reading in a text-based format.



What is a Personal Brand Video?

A Personal Brand Video is your 24/7/365 digital first impression.  That means you get to answer that question we all get, “What do you do?” in your own words, and at your prospects convenience.

How can I use my Personal Brand Video?

We recommend posting it on your “Home” or “About Me/Us” page, as well as on all your social media channels.

It can also be featured as part of your email signature.

Wherever you use it, your audience will begin to know you in a more personal way – and because people do business with people, that means more business.

Why can’t I just record a Personal Brand Video myself?

You can, but here are the mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t sell.  A Personal Brand Video is not about what you do for a living, it’s about why you do what you do for a living.
  • Don’t write a script. If you can’t talk about what you do and why you do it extemporaneously, keep practicing until you can.
  • Don’t try and film yourself.   You will likely sound like you are delivering a monologue.  Have someone interview you and speak to them.  When done correctly, your audience will feel like you are talking to them. 


The Personal Brand Video Package Includes:

Up to a 30 minute in-person interview at the upcoming Brand Builders’ Accelerator event

✔ Broadcast quality camera, lighting, and sound recording equipment

One 90 second to 2 minute Personal Brand Video, perfect for using on your website, media kit, and social media channels 

1 horizontal version of your Personal Brand Video ($3,000 value)

✔ 1 vertical version of your Personal Brand Video ($350 value)

An MP4 of all raw footage from video shoot ($250 value) 

Up to 3 vertical social media clips (each valued at $125) 

A $3,975 Value

Special Accelerator Event Price

$2,500 * 

*Includes saving $100 if payment is made using Zelle or Venmo.

*And includes saving $400 if payment is made in full at time of booking.

        • If not paid in full, this package is $3,000 payable in two $1,500 payments.

Accelerator Event Bonus Offer: 

The first 6 who sign up receive

One FREE Curated Testimonial Video 

(a $750 value)

(It’s not) about me.

For more than 3 decades, I have been helping my clients get their clients’ attention.

Not with large budgets, celebrities, or the tactics du jour.

By using an innovative and unscripted approach, I seamlessly weave your brand’s what with its why.

The resulting videos enable you to begin building trust as you authentically share who you are along with the knowledge and passion that have made you and your. brand so successful.


To create videos that authentically reflect you, and
the passion and knowledge that have made you and your brand so successful.

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