Personal Brand Video

Share your why, show your uniqueness.




A lot of people do what you do,
but nobody does it the WAY you do it.

My Personal Brand Video really shows my “Why.” Why I do what I do? Why it is important to me? How I help my clients and make their lives better. Eric was able to help me reveal my passion in a way that audiences could connect to.

Paru Radia

Anyone can record a video with their cell phone, but that only scratches the surface of what video can do. 

Poorly created videos are:

  • Inauthentic
  • Ineffective
  • Boring

An authentic personal brand video helps you connect with your audience so you can:

  • Introduce who you are
  • Reveal your why
  • Express your passion
  • Show how your unique approach can help solve their problem.


Your Personal Brand Delivered.


One 90-second to 2-minute Personal Brand Video.


Personalized graphics and music to match your brand personality.

Lead Generation

Multiple ‘Snippet’ videos for social media (typically 15-30 seconds each) to help drive traffic to your website.


Personal Brand Videos

Rory Vaden

New York Times best selling author, TEDx speaker with 4.6M views, and 8 figure entrepreneur.

“Eric’s ability to ask the right questions lets your authenticity and uniqueness shine through. I am thrilled to have this video to help me build my personal brand.”

Maura Charles

Maura is a strategic consultant for digital products and innovation.

“It genuinely feels like the missing piece from my profiles and pitch decks. Something that shows my essence, personality, and presentation style.”

Len Marks Photography

Lenny has been a Brand and Portrait photographer for more than 30 years.

His commercial and theatrical headshots have helped local and national personalities stand out amongst their peers.

Personal Brand videos are unique to each client.

Make an impact
with your Personal Brand Video


We’ll meet to learn about you, your business, and how Personal Brand Videos will help you enhance your business.


We’ll capture video about you, your why, and how your unique approach has made you stand out from your competitors.


Whether it’s on your Home or About page, viewers will immediately feel a connection with you.


Viewers absorb 95% of a video’s content – but only 10% of a message when reading in a text-based format.



What is a Personal Brand Video?

A Personal Brand Video is a first impression video that – in an engaging way – answers that question we all get, “What do you do?” Because it’s available on your website 24/7/365, your prospects can get to know who you are and why you do what you do at their convenience.

How can I use my Personal Brand Video?

We recommend posting it as part of your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc). This video can also be featured on your “Home” and “About” page as part of your email signature. Wherever you use it, your audience will begin to know you in a more personal way – and because people do business with people, that means more business.

Why can’t I just record a Personal Brand Video myself?

You can, but here are the mistakes to avoid:

  • A Personal Brand Video is not about you, it’s about how and why you help the people you serve.
  • Make sure your camera is steady, that you are well-lit in a quiet location, and that you use an external microphone (people will forgive a bad video shot, but if they can’t hear you, they’ll be gone).
  • Don’t write a script. If you can’t talk about what you do and why you do it extemporaneously, keep practicing until you can.

(It’s not) about me.

For more than 3 decades, I have been helping my clients get their clients’ attention.

Not with large budgets, celebrities, or the tactics du jour.

By using an innovative and unscripted approach, I seamlessly weave your brand’s what with its why.

The resulting videos enable you to begin building trust as you authentically share who you are along with the knowledge and passion that have made you and your. brand so successful.


To create videos that authentically reflect you, and
the passion and knowledge that have made you and your brand so successful.

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