Helping MSPs and VARs Grow with Personal Brand and Curated Testimonial Videos

Show your Uniqueness • Prove your Value
Build your Business
Our videos will help:

  • Introduce you to prospects 24/7/365
  • Differentiate you in your market
  • Authentically share your story

Let’s create your Personal Brand and Testimonial Videos at the next

IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp Event.

We’ve partnered with Robin Robins to bring custom, world-class video services to you at the next

IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp on April 2-5, 2024.

Our team will be in Nashville to film your videos (by appointment only). 

Garrett Gee is the 7-figure founder and owner of Hacker Warehouse, your one-stop shop for all your computer security needs. As the founder and author of the Hacker Mindset, a principled approach to productivity, Garrett has cracked the optimization code in business and in life.

Building trust takes time. 

But you’ll never even get the opportunity to build trust if your prospect doesn’t know and like you.

An authentic Personal Brand Video, coupled with multiple Curated Testimonial videos from your best clients, is your digital first impression that will help you: 


  • Introduce who you are
  • Reveal your why
  • Express your passion
  • Show how your unique approach can help solve their problem.
  • Back up your brand with proof from clients who love you


A Personal Brand Video delivers your message …
on your prospects schedule.


One 90-second to 2-minute Personal Brand Video.


Personalized graphics and music to match your brand personality.


Whenever your prospect lands on your website or social media, they’ll get to meet you, not just see and read about you.


Personal Brand Videos

Ryan Lang

Founder & Whole Performance Coach Co-Founder EMPIRE Partners

“Eric is one of the most gifted storytellers I have ever met.  Since adding the video to my site, my prospects are noticeably more in tune with who I am and, most importantly, WHY I do what I do, making enrolling ideal clients that much easier.”

Maura Charles

CEO & Digital Innovation Consultant

“It genuinely feels like the missing piece from my profiles and pitch decks. Something that shows my essence, personality and presentation style.”

Rory Vaden

New York Times best selling author, TEDx speaker with 4.6M views, and an 8 figure entrepreneur.

“Eric’s ability to ask the right questions lets your authenticity and uniqueness shine through. I am thrilled to have this video to help me build my personal brand.”

Every Personal Brand Video is unique,

because while others may do what you do,

nobody does it the way you do.

How we’ll create Your Personal Brand Video


We’ll meet on Zoom so I can learn about you, your brand, and what makes you unique in your space.


In Nashville, we’ll film an unscripted interview where I will ask about you and your passion for what you do, there’s no need to prepare or memorize anything.


Approximately 3 to 4 weeks after your interview, you’ll receive your Personal Brand Video – and can begin sharing it across all your channels. 

A Curated Testimonial Video delivers your message …

through the voice of the clients who love you.


We’ll virtually film six 10-15 minute interviews with your customers at their convenience. 


Then we’ll edit those down to 90-120 second mini-case studies that show prospects how you helped them .


Finally, we’ll weave together the best testimonials to create a montage that tells the story of what it’s like working with you.

88% of buyers look to Peer Recommendations to build trust.  – Customer Review Survey 

Testimonials are important, but too often, they can feel awkward for both you and the person you ask. Even if they love you or your product, finding the time to write or record a testimonial can be a big ask. They may even ask you to write it for them (and that never feels weird, right!?)

What if gathering killer testimonials could be easy?

What if they could do more than validate your expertise or say how ‘great’ it was to work with you? What if a testimonial could create an impact on prospective clients, grabbing their attention and separating you from everyone else?

They can. A Curated Testimonial Video takes all the pressure of ‘what to say’ away from your client by creating a comfortable and unique experience.

We spend 10 to 15 minutes meeting with your clients, so they feel completely at ease to talk about their experience working with you. The resulting conversation is real and relaxed – so what they say feels authentic and meaningful.

Afterward, we review and edit the conversations into a compelling 2-minute video, complete with graphics and music, that tells the story of what it was like working with you. Ultimately, viewers will get a sense of your experience, passion, and impact without feeling like they are listening to a commercial.  Testimonials work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be one-dimensional monologues.

Curated Testimonial Videos will be watched and help future prospects know you are who you say you are and you do what you say you’re going to do.


Curated Testimonial Videos

Greg Tomchick

Partner, CEO at Valor Cybersecurity. Former professional baseball player.

“Overall, I look back 3 to 6 months, and we’re in the most ideal position we could possibly be in because she was able to ask those critical questions.”

Dr. Kelly Bender, MD

Co-Founder of Pure Vitality

“She was able to say: I see you. I know what you’re going through. I’ve been through it. And I know what we need to do. 

Brad Crowell

CEO of
and Profitable Pilates

“She has this uncanny ability to understand what you’re doing, and then take it apart and put it back together . . . and over the next two years we actually 2Xed our entire business. “

All marketing is word-of-mouth.

It’s what words and whose mouth that makes the difference.   

How we’ll create your Testimonial Videos


We’ll provide you with an email template that you can send to your clients that explains what you are asking for.  In it is a custom link so they can schedule an interview at their convenience.  


After each interview, we’ll work our editing magic and present you with a finished video.  Once we have completed all six interviews, we’ll create a ‘Best-of-Montage.’ 


When your clients confirm you are who you say you are and you do what you say you do, prospects will reach out to learn more.


Viewers absorb 95% of a video’s content – but only 10% of a message when reading in a text-based format.



What is a Personal Brand Video?

A Personal Brand Video is your 24/7/365 digital first impression.  That means you get to answer that question we all get, “What do you do?” in your own words, and at your prospects convenience.

How can I use my Personal Brand Video?

We recommend posting it on your “Home” or “About Me/Us” page, as well as on all your social media channels.

It can also be featured as part of your email signature.

Wherever you use it, your audience will begin to know you in a more personal way – and because people do business with people, that means more business.

Why can’t I just record a Personal Brand Video myself?

You can, but here are the mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t sell.  A Personal Brand Video is not about what you do for a living, it’s about why you do what you do for a living.
  • Don’t write a script. If you can’t talk about what you do and why you do it extemporaneously, keep practicing until you can.
  • Don’t try and film yourself.   You will likely sound like you are delivering a monologue.  Have someone interview you and speak to them.  When done correctly, your audience will feel like you are talking to them. 
How is a Curated Testimonial Video different from a regular testimonial video?

There are 3 differences:

1. Curated Testimonial Video(s) are created by interviewing your clients, not by simply asking them to send a video explaining why they like you.

2. Curated Testimonial Video(s) are edited to ensure the most authentic and flattering soundbites from each interview are presented to prospects.

3. Curated Testimonial Video(s) are produced – meaning they are no longer than 2 minutes, and they contain music (to elevate the message), simple graphics to reinforce key talking points, and on occasion, will utilize additional visuals to help tell the story.

How long are the interviews? I don’t want to ask my clients for a lot of time.

We request clients set aside 30 minutes in case of technical issues or unexpected delays, but generally we only need about 15 minutes or less to complete the entire interview. 


The Personal Brand & Curated Testimonial Video Package Includes:

Personal Brand Video

Up to a 30 minute interview at IT Sales and Marketing Bootcamp event

One 90-second to 2 minute Personal Brand video for use on your website, social media, and media kit

2 versions of final videos: horizontal and vertical

Your raw unedited interview as an MP4 file

✔ An AI generated transcript of your interview 

2 to 3 social media clips 

Curated Testimonial Videos

✔ Six 10 – 15 minute remote/virtual interviews with your clients

✔ Six 2 minute Testimonial/Mini Case Study videos for use on your website, social media, and media kit   

✔ One 3 minute video Montage featuring the best soundbites from each interview

All raw unedited interviews as MP4 files 

✔ AI transcripts of each interview 


Special IT Marketing and Sales Bootcamp Event Price: 


(an $X,XXX value)

(It’s not) about me.

For more than 3 decades, I have been helping my clients get their clients’ attention.

Not with large budgets, celebrities, or the tactics du jour.

By using an innovative and unscripted approach, I seamlessly weave your brand’s what with its why.

The resulting videos enable you to begin building trust as you authentically share who you are along with the knowledge and passion that have made you and your brand so successful.


To create videos that authentically reflect you, and
the passion and knowledge that have made you and your brand so successful.

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